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One might think that everything can now be found on the Internet: this is not entirely true! While developing this site, we noticed that many fields were not approached, or only in a language other than French.

The chapter regarding amphorae required a long work of synthesis...

Many other fields remain obscure. For example, when we searched for the arithmetic methods the Romans used to calculate fractions, we found that the only documents available on the internet were in German ... (see the relevant page of this site)...

The inventions and technologies of the ancient Greeks
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The shape of ancient pottery
You'll find here:
  • a report to download on the technologies, machines and devices used by the ancient Greeks. A fascinating world of astonishing inventions that you must discover!

  • un autre (in french - translation is on progress) on the music in the ancient Greek world, with many links to enjoy the reconstructions that have been performed.

  • Precise informations on the shapes of ancient potteries

  • A report on the shape of amphoras in the ancient world.

  • A buyer's guide to download, intended to help collectors, and especially beginners for their first purchases of the most common collectibles.

  • We also built up recently a report on the Technologies and inventions of the ancient Greeks, an amazing subject, a must !

Music in the ancient Greek world
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Who will provide further papers on other little approached topics? Any contribution is welcome!


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