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Whazzat thing???

This page is dedicated to inquiring minds, who like to search a little... or to teachers, who want their pupils to search information on topics directly related to their lessons - Latin, Greek or History.

For playing the “Whazzat thing?” game, you show a picture of an object, and ask where it comes from, how it is called, who used it and what for, at what time. The answer are currently available only in French language, but if you need a translation, tell us.
We'll add new items in the course of time. In the meantime, please feel free to suggest other "Whazzat thing?" items for this page: we’ll answer you, of course.

We left the pictures in an original size which is large enough for downloading and printing them properly (right click, "save image as...").

So: what is this, what was its use, in which period, and where does it come from?
Ancient civilizations required those small balls.
What are they made of?
Collectors call this bowl
using a city name...
But it wasn't produced there.
What is that name?
How is this called ?
What is it used for ?
(length: ca. 20 cm)

An ancient egyptian helicopter?
What's that thing?

You know what means this figure
but... Demonstrate it !

diameter: 6,5 cm

width: 73 cm

height: 5 cm

   length: 3,2 cm

length: ca. 25 cm

diameter: 13 cm

diameter: 7 cm

width: 15 cm
You may know what this thing is used for.
But what else?

   What adjective describes this vase?

diamètre: 25 mm
Coins are an inexhaustible source of various mysteries. Here is an example: a tetradrachm of Alexander the Great.
What is this strange headdress Alexander wears? Why? On the reverse, why does the figure has his legs parallel, and not crossed, as on other coins? What is this bird in his hand (Who is it? What means Aetophoros?). How much does this coin weight, and why?...
diameter: 18 cm

diameter: 9 cm
Lead, width: 2,5 cm
height: 26 cm

   What is this thing?


   What is this thing?
How is it called?
Diameter: 2 cm

length: 7 cm
Any "Whazzat things" to submit?
Write us! Thank you in advance !