Museums and Greek archaeological sites from Magna Graecia
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Some notes
(version 1.0 - April 23rd, 2020)


This map displays the museums and the archaeological sites which include sometimes an "antiquarium" showing the local findings. This is quite frequent in Italy. Is shows also some cities founded by the Greeks, but which kept very few remains from this time. Click on the "full screen" icon: it helps !!


Anticopedie is a french product. This interactive map is thus built up all in French: displayed information is either Italian or French, and most of all, we use the usual French name for Italian sites and cities (Agrigente for Agrigentum...)... We are aware that this may cause some problems when using the search engine... Sorry for this inconvenience...


If you want to use this map, please mention its origin: L'AnticoPedie,

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In particular, thanks to all people who could provide us with additional information (omitted sites and museums, possible mistakes), or provide us with their personal photos that they would allow us to reproduce on our page.