Educational Resources on the Ancient Mediterranean World

Our goal

Our goal

The purpose of these pages is to gather and classify simple educational resources relating to archaeological sites and artefacts, primarily for the Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Phoenician and Egyptian worlds.
We are not attempting to build up an encyclopaedia of Mediterranean civilizations: the site aims at showing our visitors, and possibly the youngest ones, the fascinating sides of our ancient world, by having them “put the finger” on what remains still visible and palpable of it today.

Such a beautiful story...
Several thousands of years ago, near the Mediterranean shores, two great ancient civilizations were born: Egypt and Mesopotamia. Thanks to the valley of the Nile and to the “Fertile Crescent” in the Middle East, their agricultural wealth allowed them to give up a nomadic existence and to organize themselves in cities and kingdoms.

Then appeared maritime powers which organized exchanges of wealth between the cities: Minoans, then Phoenicians, Greeks… With the demographic expansion of the Eastern Mediterranean sea, the whole coast of the Sea will then be colonized with Etruscan, Greek and Phoenician settlements.

About the same time, the invention of democracy will create in Greece an explosion of creativity in all the fields of science, art and thought. Then the Roman administrative power and organization will impose, for centuries and until today, the Mediterranean model on most of our Earth.

What remains today from these worlds which are still shining, that could help to educate the young generations?
Archaeological sites, artefacts which may be seen in museums, and... which wa can even hold in ou hand ? A nice roman coin, an oil lamp, a small greek pottery or an egyptian scarab, this is not out of reach ! Perhaps the beginning of a passion.

That’s what our website tells about…