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RSS feeds - or Twitter

Thanks to RSS Feeds, in a similar way to Twitter, you get each day updated news on events occurring on a website content (informations, news, events). Using this small icon , you'll display at any moment the last added news.

Our RSS feed will tell you - as soon as we get informed - about exhibitions, conferences, events in the field of french archaeology.

How to display them ? Click on the "RSS feed" icon at the bottom of this page, or on the one that appears at the top of your browser (turning orange when a RSS feed is available on the current page

How to subscribe ? To get an easy permanent access to the Rss Feed, follow the instructions displayed when you open a RSS Feed page, or when you click on the icon at the top of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc). Each browser has its own way to handle them, but you'll find easily your access to the RSS feed, either at the top of your browser, or in the "my favorite" section, "Rss feeds"...

Click now on this icon to display our RSS Feed page : AnticoPedie's diary of conferences, exhibitions and events.