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Very few Etruscan constructions remain standing - a few fragments of wall enclosures, foundations of houses or temples and some bridges… The Romans, great builders as they were, have since passed through this area. However, the lack of great and spectacular sites like those of the Greeks and Romans is offset by the richness of the necropoles () which - paradoxically, but quite effectively resurrect this attractive, creative and artistic civilization, not forgetting the numerous museums () where they can be seen.

Museums are often inseparable from the Etruscan necropolis (), since they display, frequently on the very spot were they were found, items discovered in these tombs (sarcophagi, funerary artworks and jewelry)... They appear therefore () on this map.

However, have a look at our specific "Museums" page for additional information on those having Etruscan collections, located on the Etruscan territory as well as in other intalian regions, other countries and even on other continents .

On the Etruscan territory, the most visited spots are:
- The "musts": Tarquinia, Volterra, Vulci, Cerveteri and Villa Julia Museum in Rome.
- also Arezzo, Bologna, Chiusi, Perugia, the Archaeological Museum in Florence ...
- And also the others, all others ...