Educational Resources on the Ancient Mediterranean World


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Maps of the antique world:

On, You'll find many interesting historical maps.
See also:
Vessel shapes:
Hellenica World
especially all parts relating to pottery

On Amphoras:

Université de Toronto
Internet Archaeology - The first fully refered journal for archaeology
Document du musée archéologique de Saint-Raphael
Etruscan civilization:

A great site dealing with many aspects of Etruscan civilization: history, cities and territory, art and lifestyle, engineering, agriculture and language, religion and tombs. The Etruscans & The Sea. Etruscan museums and sites, glossary & educational resources, Web-links and bibliography.
On ancient Egypt:

Thousands of websites are devoted to this subjet, but we hope we may add a little stone to this Pyramid. If you wish to see nice pictures on ancient Egypt, have a look at these 2 sites, which allowed us to use their material:
- "Photos Egypte (former "Une promenade en Egypte")", a rich collection of top quality pictures,
- Les amis de l'Egypte ancienne, an association located in Saint Esteve (south of France), where you'll find a large variety of information.